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Today, industrial companies are in competition with each other and with large advertising clients to engage their minds, to find organizations that want to increase their advertising, customer satisfaction in the long term is difficult.Asara pump company in the selection process with the aim of satisfying their customers the best product quality and working life and also in terms of energy consumption and cost of electricity can help for the choice the best After buying the product as well as with customers to provide the best operating conditions and fix bugs in the installation of mobile and questions remain

After-sales service to customer satisfaction and customer confidence are provided from the manufacturer.

After-sales service of goods and services, not only the survival and continuity of manufacturers, but also one of the most important factors for competitiveness in the global market.Asara only on production of HERMETIC electro or electro engine including famous brands (T Koko_Bvfalv_Fraklyn_Yvlym_LG_Tryn and ....) Chillers for petrochemical industries to provide parts and repair in the short term with guaranteed indefinitely after sale services is done.


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