Buffalo electric pump manufacturing industry Asara

advantage compared to other electro-pumps HERMETIC


1)      Stator pump can be removed easily without having to open the pump chiller system is not broken why the vacuum and wiring are easily replaced

2)      The Electro Graphite Bush and Rotor Bush is conical and Bush used at the end of the rear spring if Bush corrosion and replace it by spring pressure and There does not interfere with the operation of electro why the Bush years would not need to replace it works

3)      A special feature of this electro tolerance to temperature is 150 ° C. thermo switch installed inside the coil at a temperature of 100 ° C, so the motor control circuit is cut off at temperatures above 85 ° C solution easily continue their work

Note: according to needs and customer requests any Hrmatyk pumps Chillers for Kerry yer, York, and .... made the most of it and is not limited to the above-mentioned information








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